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About Us

Four Oaks Credit Fund is a world-class credit fund focused on Pan-African high-yield debt investment opportunities. Investment in the Fund offers investors access to both a premier investment model and a team of experienced managers.

We maintain diverse relationships across the continent, which we believe important in developing an understanding of the dynamics of the various markets. Through this, and a strong fund advisor, Four Oaks Credit Fund can identify creditable opportunities.

By being independent and solely focused on high-yield debt investments, the fund is a specialised investor without conflicts of interest, affording it access to the best investment opportunities in Sub Saharan Africa.

The fund has strong experience in primary and secondary investment opportunities and follows a methodical and disciplined approach when implementing its strategy.

Through its relationships in the region, and the outsourcing of advisory and administration services to independent and world-class parties, the fund maintains focus and a strong pipeline of investments, thereby ensuring the best return to investors.